Pain Relief

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  • Amrutanjan Headache Roll On 10 Ml

    0 out of 5
    60.00 57.00
    • For Headaches on the move.
    • Instant Relief, Higher active contents,Refreshing Aroma & Non Greasy solution
    • Advanced Roller Ball technology,Rapid Action, Powerful action on Headaches, Stain free
    • Easy to carry & convenient to use
    • Gently apply on the forehead.Repeat 4-5 times a day
  • Himalaya Pain Balm Strong 10g

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    35.00 33.00
    • Quick-acting headache and body ache reliever that remedies pain naturally
    • Relieves headache, body ache, and other pain
    • Naturally enriched with the goodness of Indian Winter Green, Mint and Chir Pine oils
  • Iodex Pain Relief Balm 16gms

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    75.00 71.00
    • India’s No.1 Pain Relief Balm with more than 100 years of Trust and expertise in Pain relief
    • No.1 Ayurvedic Remedy for Headache, Body ache and cold
    • Fast Action, Fast Absorption
    • Provides instant and long lasting relief from most kinds of pain
    • Apply on affected parts massage gently. To be used externally
  • Amrutanjan Back Pain Roll On 50 Ml

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    100.00 95.00
    • Starts working in 30sec.*, 100% Ayurvedic No Diclofenac
    • Twin Axis Roller ball technology. Bigger ball size for application on larger area. Safe on skin & stain free
    • easy to hold and apply, deep penetration, unique formula for faster relief
  • Amrutanjan Balm 8ml

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    38.00 36.00
    • Want to kick out the stress-induced headaches and cold-related body pains, Then try this Amrutanjan standard yellow balm, which is made from ten active ingredients to provide deep action with no side effects. This pain relief balm has a soothing aroma that acts as a relaxant for your day to day stress. You can even inhale the aroma to clear nasal blocks and ease breathing difficulties.
  • Emami Menthoplus Balm 9ml

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    32.00 30.00
    • A natural pain relief balm from Emami.
    • Made from a powerful combination of natural ingredients like Eucalyptus, Mint, Camphor and Clove.
    • Formulated with a combination of pure natural actives that starts quick action. Gives instant relief from headache, backache, sprains, muscular pain, tiredness, cough and cold and ensures lasting relief
    • Has an aromatherapy effect to provides comforting relief on headache
    • Works on all known transient tension type headache conditions.